Grado Zero Innovation


Grado Zero Innovation provides specialized services

Industrial Design

GZI Design follows the entire design activity for the development of new products with high technological content from the initial idea and firs...

Microclimate management

The microclimate management that is more than just the management of the temperature since there is also the humidity / transpiration factor. In...

Research and Development

The Research and Development division was created to study materials and innovative technologies being aware of the importance of experimental a...


The Engineering activity employs the latest design techniques in an integrated way. The work starts from the idea and the development of the pro...

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping (RP) is an innovative technology that enables the production, in few hours, of objects having complex geometry directly from m...

Materials Development

GZI working network has access to well-equipped laboratories and well-skilled people to modify, adapt and combine together different materials a...


GZI is able to perform demonstration and prototyping activities in the field of technical fabrics design, including the development of complex t...


Take a look at GZI skills
  • Benchmarking and Market/clients requirements
  • Interaction Design
  • Simulation of production chain
  • Scaling-up engineering
  • Lab-scale and Industrial scale testing
  • Pilot scale and Product manufacturing
  • Demonstration and Prototyping
  • Advanced composite materials
  • Bio Materials and technologies
  • Weaving and knitting textile
  • Wearable Computing System
  • ECO Design (LCA, LCC, EEA,..)
  • Human Centered Design and User testing
  • Industrial Design
  • Technology Transfer Activity