Grado Zero Innovation


Develops a Discrete Event Simulator (DES-based) SW tool,

implementing it as a Finite Capacity Scheduler (FCS). The

simulator will act as a Cyber Physical...

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Nuove Materie Prime, Nuove Macchine, Nuovi Processi

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EUCALIVA annual meeting

BBI @BBI2020 project @eucaliva_h2020 consortium having its annual meeting @TampereUni. Project has gained very nice developments with #eucalyptus #lignin #fibres #spinni...

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3D Printing: New Disruptive Fabrication Technologies for a Novel Design Approach

Some manufacturing technologies and tools that were only used in

pre-production or prototyping for a long time have become

state-of-the-art for mass prod...

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ECOLISENSE - Manunet Project

ECOLISENSE project Consortium puts together an excellent blend of European global players aiming to...

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SPLIT: Laetitia Forst + Grado Zero Innovation

SPLIT is a collect...

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BBI JU Stakeholder Forum 2019

EUCALIVA project: value-added chains for products and processes based on Kraft Lignin.
Meltspun an...

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4th General Meeting of Reprolight consortium in Vienna

4th General Meeting of @Reprolight consortium in Vienna

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5th project meeting

The Consortium of #PORTABLECRAC met to have its 5th project meeting at @Emivasa_oficial facilities, where 2 prototypes are being optimised and tested.

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European Platform for Sports Innovation (EPSI)

The members of the European Pla...

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EUCALIVA, 3rd GA Tampere

EUCALIVA, 3rd GA Tampere University, 8-9 Oct. 2019 - first samples from the Lignin wet spinning and mel...

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FASHION BIG DATA Platform Workshop


LpS 2019 – 9th International Lighting Technologies Event

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Tecnalia, IAMRRI, discussing about RRI Impacts of AM into society, economy, technology and politics decisions

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Ecolisens Meeting

FBD_BM Malvasia

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BioGreen padding polymer

BioGreen padding polymer is a unique and a high efficency padding polymer, all 100% made from natural and renewal resources which are partly obtained from recycled veget...

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