The development of information technologies provides the possibility of transforming the classical labor-intensive international textile supply chains into digital value chains, composed of networked units for design and small series local production meeting consumers’ personalized requirements. Currently, numerous ICT-enabled processes and digital platforms have been developed in the textile supply chains, however, the existing digital solutions can only process relatively simple interactions, in which B2B (interactions of professionals) and B2C (e-shopping with consumers) models have not been systematically integrated. Also, the existing virtual space for product design and simulation planning is incomplete and often leads to heavy computation.

Aim and purpose

The aim of FBD_BModel project is to create a digital technology platform, associated with numerous data-based services, for enabling small series innovative high value fashion and functional garments through a fully connected and data-driven local supply chain in the EU, to meet consumer’s personalized needs in terms of fashion and functional performances. This integrated platform will support the development of a sustainable and knowledge-based business model archetype dedicated to various types of fashion textile supply chains from fibre/yarn/fabric manufacturing to design, manufacturing and distribution of personalized garments by implementing, integrating, improving and adapting a number of already developed technologies.

Expected Results

FBD_BModel will generate a new supply chain that will permit smooth information flow from fabric materials to consumers, in order to dynamically organize design and production in the big data environment. The proposed technology platform will integrate two interconnected knowledge-based systems (one for design and the other for supply chain and production management). The platform will provide a range of data-based services (product and design recommendation, supplier selection, dynamic tasks planning, production simulation, …) dedicated to consumers and concerned supply chain professionals (producers, designers, retailers, …). An extended virtual space will be created for visually displaying and evaluating fashion and functional performances (thermal comfort, skin touch comfort, skin pressure comfort, …) of designed products in order to integrate consumers’ lifestyle into the product design process. The platform will enable direct connection of the professional networks of producers, designers and retailers and optimize all supply chain activities. Based on the platform, a novel B2B2C business model will be built that will help in creating customized textile production in Europe, promoting material innovations of European SMEs with connected professional networks, and preserving and updating professional knowledge in Europe.