ECOLISENS ("Long Period Grating Fibre Sensor Device for E. Coli Detection")

The project concerns the simulation, design and implementation of a small size portable low-cost optic sensing device for 5-10 minutes time duration detection of pathogenic bacteria E. coli using a Long Period Fibre Grating sensor (LPGFS) demonstrator. LPGFS operation is based on detection of ambient medium effective index variation induced by the presence of E.coli bacteria. The LPGFS device has a small volume measuring chamber where gaseous or liquid phase sample suspected to be infested with E.coli bacteria is surrounding the optic fiber sensor. The design will take into account three possible cases: LPGFS cladding refractive index is larger, equal or lower than that of the ambient medium in direct contact with LPGFS. Besides the short determination time, this is a major advantage of the project because the LPGFS is not limited to use of E. coli pathogenic bacteria in aqueous solution. The developed LPGFS will be useful also for detection of various chemical substances in gaseous or liquid phase.