Animal Free

LifeMaterials eStore is classified VVV+ by Animal Free


Are you looking for responsible fashion, do you want to dress Animal Free? Starting from fur, here are the companies that are committed to not using some or all primary materials of animal origin, and they are classified with our ethics rating.

Why the Animal Free Rating:

  • to recognize the value of the ethical and socially responsible choices of companies that have started to introduce materials substituting those of animal origin in their collections (V, no fur; VV, no fur and down; VVV, no fur, down, leather and silk; VVV+ no fur, down, leather, silk and wool);
  • to communicate to consumers the type of materials of animal origin that they will no longer find in the products of a given fashion company;
  • to stimulate fashion companies to reach the highest levels of assessment and therefore no longer use materials of animal origin.