Wearable Technologies

"Wearable technology" includes all technologies developed to be worn and accessible by the user.

Those systems are developed to:

  • be helpful for the user
  • be "always on" and accessible by the user
  • be controllable and interactive, augment the intellect or augment the senses
  • be in synergy with the body, not limit the user's functions and mobility
  • be used as a communications medium

Grado Zero Espace has developed functional and attractive prototypes, in the sphere of various national and international projects such as: For give you an idea of the typologies of prototypes we are able to design and develop, integrating R&D on advanced materials and design-driven innovation, this that follows is one our newest “smart” created in our Labs: GLOWE (Glowe Video). SPACE BRA: Wearable monitoring system Developed within Technology Transfer Programme of ESA, European Space Agency, COOLING SYSTEM: Anatomic body cooling unit Developed within Technology Transfer Programme of ESA, European Space Agency, LINK VEST: Empowering mobile workers Developed within WearIt@Work, EU project, ADS Adjustable Damping Shoe Shoe with a smart reconfigurable sole. Grado Zero Espace patent, IOW Intelligent Object to Wear and Carbon Zero Motorbike jackets with a thermal heating system on the line, S1 SUIT Sailor suit designed for the Transat 6.50. An electroluminescent film is integrated to the back to improve visibility and safety in sea, although in extreme environment, LQ JacketMotorbike jacket with an electroluminescent film on the back to improve visibility on the road, LUCIFERAS Electroluminescent jacket. Fibre optic fabric

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