Aerogel Design System is a specific technique developed with the aim of creating a padding with extraordinary thermal performances, using one of the most insulating materials in the world, the Aerogel.

Aerogel, usually employed into space probes and buildings, is a nanoporous solid materials possessing no less than 50% porosity by volume, composed of 99.8% air, the best natural insulator. Thanks to Aerogel Design System is now possible to integrate this material on a padding offering not just a high-level of protection against freeze, heat and fire, but at the same time an high-level of comfort too.


The Aerogel Design System is able to warrant the same softness, flexibility and breathability of a traditional padding, together with Aerogel's thermal insulation characteristics: all these kept in an extremely reduced thickness, due to the fact that a normal padding, for reaching the same thermal insulation proprieties, should have a much more big thickness.

By Aerogel Design System the amazing capacities of Aerogel can now be exploited not just in a lot of different fields as clothing, automotive, naval or furnishing, but also for manufacturing specific products as sleeping-bags, cases, pipelines, etc…