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Grado Zero Innovation is an Italian SME performing, in a business to business approach, applied Research and Development, designing and scaling-up production of innovative materials and final products. Grado Zero Innovation (GZI) is a spin-off of Grado Zero Espace (GZE) a company with more than 17 years experience in technical textile and engineering of advanced flexible structures. 

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Grado Zero Innovation provides specialized services

Industrial Design

GZI Design follows the entire design activity for the development of new products with high technological content from the initial idea and firs...

Microclimate management

The microclimate management that is more than just the management of the temperature since there is also the humidity / transpiration factor. In...

Research and Development

The Research and Development division was created to study materials and innovative technologies being aware of the importance of experimental a...


The Engineering activity employs the latest design techniques in an integrated way. The work starts from the idea and the development of the pro...

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping (RP) is an innovative technology that enables the production, in few hours, of objects having complex geometry directly from m...

Materials Development

GZI working network has access to well-equipped laboratories and well-skilled people to modify, adapt and combine together different materials a...


Take a Look at Grado Zero Innovation Recent Projects & Materials
3D Blade
SensAssist - Intelligent System for Network health monitoring
Iper Hydrophobic Treatment
FABWOOD: Cypress Fabric + Cypress Wood
Protective clothing design


Grado Zero Innovation offers specialized product innovation services in these areas:


"Wearable technology" includes all technologies developed to be worn and accessible by the user. This is a field in which we are hugely working, e...

Fiber & Textile

One area of great importance is textile, where Grado Zero Espace is able to perform demonstration and prototyping activities in the field of techni...

Green Economy

We also have, in Grado Zero Innovation, a Dept. specifically involved in Life Cycle Engineering, including all the facilities to prototype and test...

Industrial Design

GZ Industrial Design follows the entire design activity for the development of new products with high technological content from the initial idea a...


Grado Zero Espace also conducts continuous research into new technologies, processes and techniques - from biotechnologies to nanotechnologies, on ...

Vegan Materials

One peculiarity is the capacity of re-elaborating traditional materials or materials easily found in nature and turn them into products of highest ...

Sports & Safety

Our expertise in PPE system development could be used by costumers. In particular our skills in design and product development for clothing and...

Health Care & Well-being

GradoZero major area of expertise is in wearable and ambient technologies for assisted living. Devices for monitoring/intervention, and for helping...

Developing Future

Thanks to its multidisciplinary organizational physiognomy which shows different but complementary professional skills, from chemistry to mechanical and aerospace engineering, from textile technology to product design, GZi is able to offer a 360° design service:


Stay Updated on Grado Zero Innovation new developments and researches
The Final Results Exhibition Trash2Cash

The Final Results Exhibition Trash2Cash

The show at Klokgebuow, 20 - 28 October (11am - 6pm daily). We are on stand 3.03.

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FBD_BModel 2nd technical meeting

FBD_BModel 2nd technical meeting

FBD_BModel 2nd technical meeting at the @MdEuropeParis (France) - http://...

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Circular economy

Circular economy

Trash2cash a pioneer project about circular economy in Prato

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